25 February 2021

Is Keratin Good For Thin Hair

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Is Keratin Good For Thin Hair

Is Keratin Good For Thin Hair

There are a number of hair treatments available nowadays. Most of the treatments aim to beautify and glam up your hair like anything. But sadly only some of them work equally well. Keratin is one such amazing hair treatment. So lets see Is Keratin Good For Thin Hair.

Keratin is a very popular hair treatment. Keratin hair treatment has gained immense popularity in recent times. People love and hate keratin hair treatment. Yes, the treatment has received both good words and bad words. But the point here is to understand what keratin treatment is all about and who is it for. 

is keratin shampoo good for thin hair

Keratin is present in everyone’s hair naturally. When natural keratin is lost from your hair, then your hair tends to become too frizzy and dry. And that is the main objective of keratin treatment. Keratin treatment is recommended only when your hair becomes unmanageable, extremely dry and frizzy. Keratin is a kind of smoothing treatment for your hair. It smooths out your hair and thus your hair turns out to be much more manageable and has an incredible amount of shine and bounce. The hair has a much more straight look as well. 

Keratin treatment has different effects on different hair types. If keratin treatment is done on thin hair type, then it will make the hair much more sleek and the volume will be almost halved of the already thin hair.Thus, keratin treatment is never recommended for thin hair type. This reduces volume of your hair and thus hair stylists never recommend keratin treatment for thin hair. 

Let us understand in detail What Keratin Treatment is all about

Keratin is a kind of protein which is naturally present in your hair. But due to constant sun exposure and chemical treatments and too much of styling keratin component which is naturally present in your hair begins to deplete and this is the reason why natural keratin is lost from your hair. These days we suffer from regular environmental threats and the results on our hair is disastrous. Thus, the hair is bound to suffer in such unhealthy and claustrophobic conditions. 

which hair treatment is good for thin hair

When you go for keratin treatment, then it is like an extra protestant or shield to your hair. Keratin treatment fills the gap in your hair thus making it one of the most desired and sought after hair treatments. It protects your hair and shields it against natural pollutants and other harmful chemicals. This makes your hair much more manageable, shiny and tangle free. Keratin treatment restores protein back into your hair and thus it helps to take care of all your hair worries at the same time. 

Keratin Treatment: Longevity 

keratin treatment for thin hair at home

But here comes the sad and difficult part. Keratin treatment does not last long. It is not permanent in nature. Keratin treatment is also similar to straightening and rebounding process. Once your hair begins to grow, the effect of keratin treatment won’t be there. Your hair will grow in usual shape and size and back to it’s original form. 

Thus, keratin treatment is not permanent in nature. And thus for a long term basis you must look at other measures to restore life back to your hair than keratin treatment. 

31 January 2021

5 Types of Lingerie Sets That are The Perfect for Valentine's Day Gifts

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February 14 is right around the corner! Where are my cute couples? Guys have you decided what gift you want to present to your girl this valentine? Or still in doubt? Don’t worry, we’ll help you. The answer for this would be simple: a beautiful lingerie set. Lingerie is such a special gift that can make a woman feel loved and pampered. There are an infinite amount of amazing lingerie sets for Valentine's Day out there. And I know it’s really hard to choose one out of all the beautiful seducing satin and lace that make you drool for sure. Below are a few gorgeous lingerie sets that will set someone's Valentine's Day on fire for sure! 


1.     Non-Padded Non-Wired Caged Back Bralette & Bikini Panty in Lace- Clovia

This set can be a perfect gift for your girl. There’s nothing sexier than red lingerie. Colour red is just made for women as it looks stunning and breathtaking. This set includes a red-colored bralette which is made with premium exquisite lace. The bra is non-padded. It helps to avoid extra bulk. As it has non-wired cups, it ensures a poke-free experience all day long. It comes with a sexy V-shaped strappy back made with lace side bands that adds extra hotness to its look. It contains a low-waist bikini that provides medium coverage. The bikini is crafted with rich lace fabric at its waist and power net fabric at the back. It has a cotton lining to ensure proper hygiene.

2.              Lace lingerie set in black- H&M:

Lace makes everything sexy, mind blowing, and seductive. This lingerie set can make your girl happy for sure. This set consists of a soft, non-wired bra, and a pair of briefs in lace. The bra comes with adjustable shoulder straps and padded cups that shape the bust and provide ample support and a wide lace trim at the hem. It has no fasteners, has a lined gusset and a high cut back.

3.              Da Intimo lace lingerie set:

Lace fabric is popular among women. Because lace makes everything feminine and beautiful. This green lace lingerie set consists of full-coverage lace bralette and midrise boyshorts. The bra has lightly padded and non-wired cups, regular adjustable shoulder straps and the green solid lace mid-rise boyshorts comes with an elasticated waistband and a double-layered gusset.

4.              Simplicity bra and panty set:

This minimalist lingerie set is simple yet gorgeous. You cannot say no to this sexy lingerie set for sure. This can be a perfect gift for your better half. This set is made with polyester and lace. This set contains sexy lace bralette with adjustable straps and low waist bikini panty made with exquisite lace. 

5.              Lace  Non-Padded Non-Wired Caged Back Bralette & Bikini Panty: 

Women find nothing sexier than lace lingerie. This set consists of a hot caged back bralette and bikini panty. You know what the best part of this set is: this bralette is a mix of a bra and a crop top. Crafted with exquisite lace and pretty designs, this longline bra can be worn as an outerwear too. The bikini panty has sexy lace designs to make it look more beautiful. It has a double layered gusset for hygiene.

Love is in the lingerie sets. Haha! Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with extra love. Nothing can beat the lingerie collection of Clovia. These lingerie sets can make your better half happy for sure. And the additional lace accents on all these lingerie sets take it to a whole other level. Get them before they get out of stock. And don’t forget to thank me later :p

20 April 2020

Best Colored Liners in the Market

April 20, 2020 2 Comments
Best Colored Liners in the Market

Colored liners are perfect to glam up your eyes. These days you can get many coloured liners in the market and they are available in as many shades as possible. You can easily go for the one as per your outfit and you will love it. 
Let’s have a look at some of the best colored liners in the market

Faces Canada cosmetics long wear eye pencil (Price – Rs. 449)

Faces Canada cosmetics long wear eye pencil

These kajal pencils are easier on the pocket but are extremely good in terms of quality. They are long lasting and extremely creamy and soft on the eyes. They are exceptionally long lasting. 
Colors available : Aqua blue, forest green, dark green, solid brown, solid black, metal brown, navy blue, turquoise blue, purple. 

Chambor Dazzle Eye Pencil (Price – Rs. 595)

Chambor Dazzle Eye Pencil

This pencil is obviously on the higher side of price but the quality is totally worth it. It is very soft and comfortable on the eyes. It comes with a quick dry finish and thus sets easily on your eyes. 
Colors Available : Black tazzle, teal dazzle, grey dazzle, jade dazzle, purple dazzle, brown dazzle and blue dazzle. 

Maybelline The Colossal Kohls Kajal (Price – Rs. 249)

Maybelline The Colossal Kohls Kajal

One of the bestselling products from the house of Maybelline. This kajal is completely smudge proof and lasts very long on your eyes. This is extremely soft and creamy and does not budge from one point. 
Colors available : smoked silver, jeweled jade, crushed emerald, turquoise. 

Lakme Absolute Precision Artist Eye Liner (Price – Rs. 680)

Lakme Absolute Precision Artist Eye Liner

This is perfect for winged liner as this eye liner ensures to draw even the slight thin line. The tip is really pointed and the finish of the eye liner is a true glossy or shiny look. 
Colors available : emerald green, blue sapphire, burnished brown. 

Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner (Price – Rs. 750)

Inglot Soft Precision Eyelinerr

This eyeliner has a color coded packaging. This is very smooth and creamy on the eyes. The only drawback is that here you need to sharpen the eye pencil and thus it leads to product wastage. They come in 6 different shades and they don’t have names. 

Coloressence Eye Liner Pencil (Price – Rs. 225)

It is very smooth and comfortable on eyes. This glides on quite smoothly and stays for a pretty good amount of time on eyes.  At this price, this is a really good pick. 
Colors available : Peacock blue, dark blue, dark green, green dream.

Revlon Colorstay One Stroke Eyeliner Pencil (Price – Rs. 615)

Revlon Colorstay One Stroke Eyeliner Pencil

The pencil is both waterproof and smudge proof. This is quite comfortable and easy on the eyes. This is extremely long lasting and this is a sharpenable pencil which obviously leads to product wastage. 
Colors available : blackest black, blooming blue, glazed green, totally turquoise. 

Ikonic Gel Liner Pencils

Ikonic Gel Liner Pencils

This is an extremely creamy and smooth kajal pencil. This is extremely pigmented and will show up easily on even darker lids as well. 

Colors available : Black, olive shimmer, navy blue, violet gem, midnight, black spark. 

19 April 2020

Best Celeb Makeup Artists in Bollywood

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Best Celeb Makeup Artists in Bollywood
When it comes to our Bollywood artists then they are nothing short of diva. They look really great with their makeup on. And some of their makeup looks are really creative. But the credit doesn’t go only to them. Their talented makeup crew should also receive some pat the back. 
Let’s have a look at the best celeb makeup artists in Bollywood

Daniel Bauer

Daniel Bauer

One of the leading makeup artists who actually hails from Germany. But the boy has amazing foothold in Bollywood for his makeup skills. He is also seen showing his makeup skills in TV. His work can be seen in reality TV shows like India’s next top model. He has worked with leading Bollywood ladies like Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, katrina Kaif etc. His charges are anything starting from Rs. 75,000 to 1 lacs. 

Kapil Bhalla

Kapil Bhalla
Kapil Bhalla is one of the leading names when it comes to makeup artists in Bollywood. He has been in the industry since a number of years. His makeup box is known to have years of expertise and all the tools required for a perfect makeup. He has been showing his makeup skills on the runway ladies also. He is also seen with high profile brides as well. 

Mickey Contractor

Mickey Contractor

One of the best known names in the industry for his makeup skills. The man has joined hands with MAC to create his own makeup line. He is also known to bring the Indian makeup on international forum and gained a lot of recognition for the same. His one of the most notable work is with Aishwarya Rai on her wedding. He is also a regular with Kajol and Kareena Kapoor. 

Ambika Pillai

Ambika Pillai

She has a long career span in Bollywood makeup. She has an experience of more than 20 years in Bollywood. She has won a number of accolades and many salons also run all over the country by her name. she has worked with notable film actresses in their films and also at many Bollywood events as well. 


Banu is a known face when it comes to South Indian leading ladies. She has worked with Suriya, Vikram and Thalaiva Rajnikant. But she made her entry into the Bollywood with Aishwarya Rai in Robot. It was her makeup skills that added life to the character of Chitti, in the movie. Since then she is one of the most sought after face of Bollywood. 

Sheetal Khan

Sheetal Khan

The lady is known to be a favourate of Bollywood’s Dabang Girl Sonakshi Sinha. You must have seen her through her Instagram posts. It is said that sona also trusts Sheetal. Her hair is always managed and taken care by Sheetal only. She is also her personal beauty expert. 

Namrata Soni

Namrata Soni

If you loved how Deepika Padukone looked in Om Shanti Om, then this lady should get credit for that. She is known for her impeccable work in the Bollywood. She is also a regular face for magazine cover makeup. Her clientle list includes Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif etc.